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(Names of Undergraduate Researchers are Underlined)

Microfluidics to Evaluate Glial-Mediated Therapies in the Nervous System, R. Cliver, A. Brady, B. Ayers, J. Pena, and Vazquez. Research Experience for Undergraduates, Poster Platform P-SAT-222, BMES Annual Meeting 2019 (October 17-21, Philadelphia, PA)


Utilizing Genetics and Microfluidics to Examine Neural Cell Migration in Retinogenesis of a Drosophila Model,  C. Pena, S. Zhang, M., Kamara, T. Venkatesh and M. Vazquez. Cell Migration, Poster Platform P-TH-154, BMES Annual Meeting 2017 (October 11-14, Phoenix, AZ)


EGFR-mediated Migration of Retinal Muller Glial Cells, J. Pena, N. Dulger and M. Vazquez. Tissue Engineering-Undergraduate Poster Platform P-SAT-613, BMES Annual Meeting 2017 (October 11-14, AZ)


A Drosophila Model to Examine Collective Migration during Retinogenesis,  C. Pena, S. Zhang, M. Kamara, T. Venkatesh, and M. Vazquez, Research Posters in Biomedical Devices No 46, Northeast Bioengineering Conference 2017 (March 31-Apri 2, 2017, Newark, NJ)


EGF as a Novel Therapeutic Target for Medulloblastoma Metastasis,  J. Rico and M. Vazquez, Microfluidic Platforms, Poster Platform P-Th-B-168, BMES Annual Meeting 2013 (September 25-28, Seattle, WA)


Transforming Growth Factor-⍺ Enhances the Chemotactic Migration of Platelet-Derived Growth Factor Induced Anaplastic Oligodendrogliomas,  A. Able, C. Nyabeo, E. Holland, and M. Vazquez, Cell Mechanics, Adhesion and Motility Poster Platform, PS-7A-9-169, BMES Annual Meeting 2010 (October 6-9, Austin, TX)


Microdevices fabricated via CNC versus photolithography for cell migration study,  M. Nolan and M. Vazquez, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME Bioengineering Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium 2009


Labeling EGFR endocytositic signaling using quantum dots, V. Dudu, Rotari V., and M. Vazquez, BMES Annual Meeting 2007 Poster Platform Session P-Thr-8-12 (September 26-29, CA)


CNC manufacturing of microscaled chemotaxis devices, M Nolan and M. Vazquez, BMES Annual Meeting 2007 Poster Platform Session P-Sat-1-C (September 26-29, CA)


Microfabrication of Chemotaxis Channels, N. DeSilva, QJ Kong and M. Vazquez, Microtechnologies Poster Platform, BMES Annual Meeting 2006 (October 11-14, Chicago, IL)


The Chemotaxis of Gliomas towards Endothelial-derived Cytokines, A. Able, D. Sharma, and M. Vazquez, Cancer Technologies Poster, BMES Annual Meeting 2005 (September 28-30, MD)


Chemotactic Migration of Glioma-derived Cells,  L. MalcolmD. Sharma, R.A. Able, E.C.Holland and M. Vazquez, Cancer Technologies Poster Platform, BMES Annual Meeting 2004 (October 13-16, PA)


Optimized DNA Separations using Microfluidic Devices, I. Elaktaa, L Malcolm, QJ Kong and M. Vazquez, Microdevices Poster, BMES Annual Meeting 2003 (October 1-4, Nashville, TN)

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