Introduction to Abstract Algebra I

The final exam will be available starting at 12:00am on 7 May and due 11:59pm on 13 May. There are two parts: a limited-time multiple choice on Canvas in the Quizzes section and a proof-based portion similar to Midterm 2. No late submissions are accepted for either part of the final, so don't leave submission to the last second. Here is a link to the multiple choice. Here is a link to the proof-based section. Neither link works until midnight.

For the multiple choice section, you have 80 minutes to complete 30 problems worth 2 points each. Upon hitting submit, there is no going back, but you do get a warning upon submitting. You will not receive your results for the multiple choice until the other half of the final is graded.

For the proof-based section, you have as much time as you need to complete 8 problems worth 100 points in total. You may handwrite or TeX your test -- if you are TeXing, make sure you have the exam template so your file will compile. I will supply a version of the test for those who are TeXing and a version for those who are printing. This should be submitted under the Final Exam assignment on Canvas.

For both parts of the test, you are allowed to use your notes, homework, book, and workshops. You are not allowed to use the Internet to search for answers or consult your colleagues. These rules are reiterated on both parts of the test. No questions will be answered about the multiple choice section, but you should direct questions about the proof-based half to my email. I will make all clarifications via the announcement forum to the entire course.

Course Summary:

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