Course Syllabus

The main goal of the course is to give students a solid grounding in electromagnetism at an elementary level, combining an understanding of the main principles and techniques, the ability to solve problems, and mastery of relevant mathematics appropriate to an honors level course. We will accomplish this through systematic study of the required textbook.  Recitations will review the material in the previous two lectures, focusing on problem solving.  At the end of each recitation, there will be a ten-minute quiz on the material discussed.

Calculus 2 is a hard prerequisite for this class, as we will be leaning heavily on integration throughout the semester.  Multivariable calculus as a co-requisite is strongly encouraged.

The class will be held Mondays and Wednesdays (starting September 7th) from 4:10pm-5:00pm in the physics lecture hall (PLH). The instructor for this class is Prof. John Paul Chou.  You can contact me by email at  Virtual office hours are by appointment, which we can arrange via email.

Recitations will be held on Fridays, starting September 16th.  The recitation instructor for this class is Pradip Kattel

Homework will be assigned weekly in WebAssign.  Typically, they will be due on Sundays at 10pm, but please check the schedule on WebAssign, as there may be exceptions in the semester.

There will be two in-class exams and a closed-book final exam. Grades are computed using 10% for homework, 20% for recitation quizzes, 20% for the two common hour exams, and 30% for the final exam. The final score will be graded on a curve.

Necessary materials for the course are the same as those for Honors Analytical Physics I:

  1. a copy of the book Halliday, Resnick, Walker: Fundamentals of Physics (earlier editions are fine) ISBN: 1118230647
  2. a license for the online homework software WebAssign (otherwise you will not be able to do the homework!). The Webassign class key is "rutgers 2894 8342" (don't forget to include "rutgers" at the start).

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