Course Syllabus

Junior Seminar Spring 2022


Instructor: Jolie A. Cizewski


Summary:  This is a one-credit course for current non-professional physics majors, i.e., students not planning PhD studies in Physics or Astrophysics. The purpose is to learn about and prepare for careers after you graduate from Rutgers, including your professional development.  Seminar sessions will feature Rutgers alumni guest speakers, workshops on professional development and ethical conduct, and culminate with a short, term paper and oral presentation.


Course meets Mondays 5th period 3:50 to 5:10 pm in SEC 220.

First class on Monday, January 24, 2022 will be ONLINE synchronous via zoom on canvas.


Pre-requisites: None


Meeting times:  One 80-minute seminar per week. 

            Monday Period 5 3:50 to 5:10 PM SEC 220 (BC)

FIRST DAY of class:  January 24, 2022 will be ONLINE synchronous via zoom on canvas.


Textbook: None


Gradebook:  All scores for Physics 368 in Spring 2022 will be posted in the Physics & Astronomy Department Gradebook.


Homework or other assignments:

Topic approval for term paper will be uploaded as a homework assignment in canvas.

Term paper will be uploaded to Canvas as an Assignment with plagiarism review via Turnitin.

You will also give a short oral presentation in class based on your term paper.


Exams, quizzes and term paper.

  • No exams in this course.
  • A term paper and oral presentation are required, due after Spring Break.  The term paper will be uploaded to Canvas as an Assignment.


Office hours: to be determined and by appointment


Provisional Grading Plans:

  • Class attendance: 25%
  • Class participation: 25%
  • Full credit if actively engage in discussions, asking questions of invited speakers
  • Term Paper and presentation: 50%

Lowest two sessions of (unexcused) attendance and participation points will be dropped.


Tentative Schedule

Professional Development

Overview of career opportunities for physics & astrophysics majors

– you don’t need a PhD

Workshop: Professional development: Writing resume & CV

Workshop: Professional development: Written presentation skills

Workshop: Professional development: Oral presentation skills

Workshop: Academic integrity and ethical conduct of research

Workshop: Fostering an inclusive community in STEM and applications

Careers of Rutgers Physics & Astronomy Alumni

Careers in Patent law

Careers in Finance and preparing for Wall Street

Careers in High school teaching

Careers in information technology

Careers in data science


Term paper based on approved recent Physics Today article

Oral presentation based on term paper


Academic Integrity:


Student are expected to maintain the highest level of academic integrity.  You should be familiar with the university policy on academic integrity:  Violations will be reported and enforced according to this policy.


Use of external sources to obtain solutions to homework assignments or exams is cheating and a violation of the University Academic Integrity policy. Cheating in the course may result in penalties ranging from a zero on an assignment to an F for the course, or expulsion from the University.  Posting of homework assignments, exams, recorded lectures, or other lecture materials to external sites without the permission of the instructor is a violation of copyright and constitutes a facilitation of dishonesty, which may result in the same penalties as explicit cheating.


Not only does the use of such sites violate the University’s policy on Academic Integrity, using such sites interferes with your achievement of the learning you are paying tuition for. Assignments, quizzes, and exams are given not simply to assign grades, but to promote the active learning that occurs through completing assignments on your own.  Getting the right answer is much less important than learning how to get the right answer.  This learning is critical to your success in subsequent courses and your careers.


Student wellness Services

Student Counseling, ADAP & Psychiatric Services (CAPS) wellness for non-emergency psychological health issues services (848) 932-7884, 17 Senior Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Violence Prevention & Victim Assistance (VPVA), (848) 932-1181, 3 Bartlett Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901,

Office of Disability Services (848) 445-6800, Lucy Stone Hall, Suite A145, Livingston, 54 Joyce Kilmer Avenue, Piscataway, NJ 08854,


Course Summary:

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