Course Syllabus

01:750:123 (PHY-123) Synopsis

Course Description: Analytical Physics IA is an introductory physics course which explores motion of objects with constant velocity and constant acceleration, special motions including projectile motion and uniform circular motion, Newton's Laws of motion including forces, Conservation of Energy, Conservation of Momentum, and Universal Gravitation.

There is no prerequisite physics coursework required, this is meant to be your first experience with formal physics work; however, you will be required to apply math skills such as proportional reasoning (for example, ratios), and algebra tactics (manipulating symbols, identifying variables, parameters, constants). Furthermore, this is a calculus-based physics course and you are expected to perform a few calculus skills such as power-law derivatives and integrals of simple polynomial functions, such as what you would have in any Calculus 1 course. We recognize that many of your are taking Calculus 1 this semester, and so in any case where we use such calculus skills we will guide you in how to apply them and give you plenty of opportunities to practice.

We will use the free online textbook, University Physics by OpenStax, OpenStax University Physics Volume 1 (Links to an external site.), which is freely available online at the prior link, and you may download a pdf version at that link as well.

Below you will find the weekly topic schedule, as well as links to the relevant textbook chapter.


Week Topic Textbook Chapter
1 Intro/measurements Ch. 1
2 1D motion Ch. 3
3 Vectors Ch. 2
4 2D and 3D motion Ch. 4
5 Newtons Laws Ch. 5
6 Applications of Newtons Laws: Friction Ch. 6.1-6.2
7 Applications of Newtons Laws: Centripetal Force Ch. 6.3
8 Kinetic Energy and Work Ch. 7
9 Potential Energy and Conservation of Energy Ch. 8
10 Linear Momentum and Impulse Ch. 9.1-9.2
11 Collisions and Conservation Laws Ch. 9.3-9.7
12 Gravitation I Ch. 13.1-13.7
13 Review
14 Review